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Qth is Port St Lucie  Florida, located on the East Coast of Florida, just north of Palm Beach.


Robert Pohorence Sr  info.

  I was born and raised in Yonkers, New York, received First Ham Call, KN2RDM 1955, at age 15.

In 1957 I upgraded to General Class by taking the written and code Test at the FCC Field Office in NYC. Then in 1967 I passed  the Extra Class License.

I joined US Navy 1958 and spent 2 years on the USS Tarawa CVS-40 Essex Class Air Craft Carrier. During the tour of duty the USS Tarawa served  as the Flag Ship for a small Task Force of ships, which conducted the Argus Experiment in the South Atlantic, where the Van Allen Radiation Belt was investigated.
More info here, exploding Atomic missiles  in the atmosphere.

After Naval Tour, I worked in Commercial Electronics, designing and building Automatic Test Equipment. Many of the Auto Testers were used to test Electronic Components for the successful Apollo Man on the Moon Program.

After 11 years in the Test Equipment Field, I decided to enter Medical Electronics  field of   Nuclear Medicine, which later evolved to Computer Axial Topographic Scanner Industry,I spent 12 years in this field.

When the Medical Electronics Company, was acquired and Liquidated, I decided to go into business on my own.

I started up International Radio and Computers and went into business on my own.( Now called INRAD)

Other Call signs, K2RDM WB4RSK.

In 1979 my enthusiasm and love of the then new ICOM 701 HF transceiver, Encouraged me to produce the ICOM 701 Users Newsletter. Then expanded it to the ICOM Users Newsletter which covered all ICOM radios. IN 1984, I added a Kenwood Users Newsletter.

Both Newsletters evolved into International Radio. Around that time I Started The Kenwood Users Net on Sunday mornings on 14.317Mhz, and also the Icom Users Net Both Nets for the exchange of information. The Icom Users Net is still active each Sunday at Noon E.S.T. (1700Z)

International Radio besides producing Newsletters, manufactured and  sold 8 and 10 pole crystal filters for Icom and Kenwood Radio’s, along with many small user kits that enhanced these Radios Operations.

I purchased FOX Tango Corporation, from the owner Milt Lowens N4ML, Milt sold the Famous FOX Tango Crystal Filters and also had been publishing the Fox Tango Newsletters for many years along with Yaesu radio Enhancement Kits. After the purchase we continued selling Fox Tango Products and also continued with the FT Newsletter. . During these active years Rob received much support and help from his wife Peggy KB4LRD, His son, Rob Jr., KB4JMQ Bob and very good Friends Bob Gobrick WA6ERB (SK), and Richard Adams W8MFD, and many, many Others.

In 1996 International Radio was Sold and Split up into 2 sections:

1. International Radio (Also known as INRAD).Selling Crystal Filters kits, Radio Enhancements and Back issues of the newsletters. Their new company is located in Umpqua, Oregon. The owners are W2VJN, George Cutsogeorge and XYL, Georgia French.

George sold INRAD in 2009 to the new owners.

2. International Radio Service Division, servicing most Amateur Radio Products. Located in Fort Pierce, Fl new owner is Mark Thomas. (Now Shut Down)

I am now retired and am enjoying living in Port St. Lucie,Florida.

HF Equipment is Kenwood TS-590S, Stealth antenna is about 30ft Long wire on the outside of a screened patio.

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